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Provided by SinWind4All AB - A Swedish Company
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Provided by SinWind4All AB - A Swedish Company
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Do you want excellent prepper and energy products? Are you looking for a rich choice at attractive prices? Then welcome to Sun And Wind Power For Everyone, a web store operated by the Swedish company SinWind4All AB offering the latest technology products for everyone! With nearly 1000 products to choose from and regular updates, you’ll be coming back again and again. 

Custom fees and VAT taxes

Sunwind4all.com delivers products all around the world to different VAT and Custom zones.
Inside Europe the custom fees are always included in the displayed price but not the VAT as these varies between different countries. The VAT will be added toghether with the shipping cost at checkout! 
Inside Europe the product will be delivered to the customers door without any further VAT, custom fees or shipping cost beeing added. Outside Europe additional custom fees may occur but in these cases we are assisting you in getting DDP delivery (Delivery Duty Paid) to simplify as much as possible. Most of our suppliers supports DDP, contact us and we will assist you in this !  

Ordering of larger systems, e g complete solar/wind power systems, will require some control questions to be answered and agreed on with the customer: 

  • Which mounting type should the solar panels have: ROOF or GROUND?
  • If you order a Wind power system, we assist you in finding a suitable tower for your conditions! 
  • Which peak power/AC/DC levels should the solar/wind power system have?
  • Which size of the roof or ground (Roof/ground surface which can set up the solar panel) Long, wide, slope angle?
  • Which Roof/ground material (e g tiles) and if possible, a photo of roof or ground?
  • Should a battery of the recommended capacity be included or not?
  • Should the solar system be possible to connect to the grid or not?
  • Should the solar/wind power system be possible to combine with a wind/solar solution or a generator or not?
  • Certification requirements e g TUV, CE etc

Contact us at contact@sunwind4all.com and we will help you to get the optimal system in quality and price that match your needs!  

Order procedure of larger/complex systems:

1. Preferable:  Email us first at: contact@sunwind4all.com and tell us which product you like to buy and specific requirements .
You can of course also make the full order to www.sunwind4all.com and email the system config to us after – on less complex systems this works perfectly fine! 

2. www.sunwind4all.com choose a mounting system, battery configuration e t c and summarize an offer to the customer (including custom fees, VAT and shipping cost as seen during checkout).

3, The customer reviews the offer and if, not already done,  places an order in www.sunwind4all.com

4. Payment is normally done by the customer when placing the order.
If other payment methods would be desired e g invoicing, bank transfer e t c, www.sunwind4all.com would be happy to arrange this. Regardless of if the customer is an individual person or a company, we are agile to their needs, just send an email and we will find an optimal solution!  

5. www.sunwind4all.com manage supplier logistics, custom fees (inside Europe) and VAT for the ordered system which will be delivered to the customers door

6. The customer can track the parcel during the shipment through a tracking ID
7. If something is not to your satisfaction we will assist you in reclaiming the product! 

Introducing our exciting collection!

Here at sunwind4all.com, we aim at providing a pleasant shopping experience which is absolutely impossible without a rich selection of goods. That’s why we’ve done everything in power to gather best quality free energy products such as solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators, hydro generators, batteries and EV chargers. Do you want to assemble the system yourself? No worries! We provide tools, cables, connectors, switches, tiders, frames and stands that you might need! We alsohave complete DIY systems ready for delivery at your service! 

Do you want to stay safe in a not so safe world? 
Please have a look at or Prepping sortiment of military protection equipment, bullet proof vests and cheramical plates, helmets, gas masks and survival equipment. If you need bulk deliveries of e g bullet proof vests we can provide you amazong prices and delivery times, send an email to contact@sunwind4all.com and we will get back to you!   

All goods in this store are made by respectable manufacturers that strictly follow the industry standards. Therefore, the products are totally safe. Moreover, we keep looking for new partnerships and watch the market carefully in order to offer new updates as often as possible. So, come back regularly to find new offers!

After you order from us, our job is not done until you unpack the order and make sure everything is alright. So, if the package arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all, we guarantee a full return or other alternatives you will find convenient and satisfying. Furthermore, if there’s something you want to ask or if you have suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts with the store’s support team. After all, it is your ideas and reviews that help us get better. 



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